Peak Cables are able to offer added benefits to our customers, these include


Armouring and Over sheathing

We are able offer an armouring service, whether single wire armour or a galvanized wire braids are required; an outer sheath can then be applied in PVC, PUR, LSZH or Thermoplastic Rubber compound in various colours to suit your requirements.


Stripes & Cable Dying 

Most PVC based cables can be coloured from white (other colours can be used as long as they are a lighter colour than the required colour.  Please check with us for suitability) to the following colours

Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Orange, Pink, Green, Yellow & Violet

If you require equipment / hook up wires to have different colour identification we can offer to stripe the cables in the following colours or a combination of colours.

Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Orange, Pink, Green, White, Yellow and Violet


Call off / Just in Time Orders

Call off /Just in time orders can be tailored to suit your companies’ requirements; if you require weekly, monthly or as required deliveries.