Peak Cables offer a range of Electrical Cables covering a variety of industries including High Temperature, Lighting and Automation; Defence, Robotics, Subsea and cables tailor-made to individual customer’s requirements.

Silicone Cables
High temperature cables suitable for temperature from -60°C to +180°C, suitable for a range of applications including lighting, food process, medical, foundries and Glassworks.  Available in single core silicone insulated as well as a fibre glass braided, Multicore versions with silicone or PVC sheath, with or without screening.

Intemp 250®
A heat resistant cable designed to operate in more arduous industrial conditions, rated at 250°C, with a working voltage of 1000v.  Available in single conductor and multicores construction with a high performance version with additional Glass Mica tapes available upon request.

PEAK TEMP up to 700°C
Nickel plated or pure nickel conductors, double fibreglass lapped & braided suitable for temperature ranges from 260°C, 400°C and up to 700°C.  Available in single core or multicore construction and with an optional stainless steel braid for added protection.

PVC, Rubber & LSOH
A range of cords and control flex are available from Peak Cables including rubber types H05RNF, H07RNF to European standards and SJO, SOOW types for the North American market. PVC control cables YY, CY, SY and <HAR> approved flex including H03VV-F, H05VV-F and H03V2V2-F compliment the range of LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) flexible multicores for use in lighting and confined areas such as shipboard, military and public areas where human safety is paramount.

Specialist / Bespoke
We are able to offer bespoke individual cable solutions made to specific customers requirements where standard “off the shelf” cables are not suitable.  With an extensive range of insulation compound, screening, sheathing and approval options available to us; our mission is to bring our customers advanced technology at an affordable price and exceed our customers’ expectations.